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Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12

Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre

Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre engages, educates, and entertains the community through interactive theatre productions and arts integrated education. Since 1951, Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre has produced imaginative theatre productions and education programs for children and families.

Arts Appreciation Programs

In partnership with the Cedar Rapids Community Schools, Playtime Poppy presents one-hour interactive children’s theatre productions at Jefferson, Kennedy and Washington high schools. Matinee Performances for K-5 classrooms are available by reservation. Teachers are given an Audience Guide filled with information about the play and its playwright, activities with curricular connections and resources for additional learning. This is a great opportunity for students to engage with the production! Playtime Poppy also offers public performances of the high school productions and presents the Summer Theatre Adventure and Brucemore Outdoor Children’s Theatre.

This program is adaptable for Virtual Learning.

Supplemental Downloads:
Captain Spoon Audience Guide Oct 2018 JHSPinocchio Audience Guide Mar 2020 WHS

Arts Integration Programs

Playtime Poppy offers a host of arts integrated programs that inspire students through theatre skills. Book Adventures is an interactive storytelling program for kindergarten. This program promotes early literacy skills by engaging children in active explorations of plot, characters and setting. Operation Backstage invites 3rd grade students to make creative decisions as they explore the technical aspects of a production. Students learn how lighting, set design, costumes and props help to tell the story in the theatre. One Great Line brings the technical theatre into 5th grade classrooms. Students use the design process to produce mini plays that use lighting, set design, costumes, sound effects and direction to bring one line from popular literature to life.

This program is adaptable for Virtual Learning.

Supplemental Downloads:
Frozen Operation Backstage Teacher Toolbox Dec 2019 KHS(1)One Great Line handoutPlaytime Poppy s Book Adventures handout