Teaching Artist Training with Playtime Poppy

Jan 30, 2021

  Actor Katie Colletta of Fairfax (from left), storyteller Darrin Crow and dancer Lovar Davis Kidd, both of Cedar Rapids,

What is the impact of a Teaching Artist Training?

Students receive high-quality, engaging learning experiences.

Teachers discover multi-disciplinary strategies to use in their classrooms.

Artists expand their professional expertise and work opportunities.

Arts organizations have local resources to support high-quality educational programming.

Partnerships are formed between schools and community organizations. 

The impact of a Teaching Artist Training is deep and wide! Throughline Arts is thrilled to partner with Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre in Cedar Rapids to facilitate a six-session training session from Jan 23-May 2, 2021 for four local performing artists – Katie Colletta, Darrin Crow, L.D. Kidd and Blake Shaw.

Throughout the training, the Teaching Artists will discover facilitation techniques and lesson design principles that empower students to become expressive creators themselves. They will develop a four-session “Story Sparks” residency for 4th and 5th grade students based on works of art, as well as two “Book Adventures” video lessons for Kindergarten students. The residencies and training are supported by grants received by Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre from the Iowa Arts Council. 

The participating Teaching Artists each bring a strong commitment to education – not to mention impressive performance credentials! Each training session will explore the ways that their creative practice aligns with the needs of students and teachers (21st Century Skills, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Social-Emotional Learning, and Iowa Core and Fine Arts Standards.) They will discover how arts-based strategies support best educational practices and become allies for our community’s educators. 

Read more about this exciting initiative in the Gazette. (Photo by Diana Nollen/Gazette)


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